Friday, September 22, 2017

Day 4


In the cafeteria today: Pizza - large slice $3.75 / small slice $3.00

     Combo with small pizza/ juice/ cookie- $5.00


Room 125 is open for  academic support during lunch time Day 3 and Day 7. If you need support any other lunch time see Mr. Mainwaring.


Calling all NS Virtual School students: Please meet at this morning’s recess in room 125 for a brief meeting.


Breakfast program: 8-8:40 outside the music room each morning for all students.


Reminder to students to be mindful of the dress code expectations at BRCS, please wear appropriate clothing for school


All soccer players are asked to pay their Athletic Fee ASAP.


School picture orders must be passed in by Sept. 26th.   Teachers you may send pictures to the office where they will be recorded.